Qualifying to race this season…

Due to hunting and many Pony Club activities drawing to a halt under COVID, we know that many are now struggling their pony and jockey to race.

Please get in touch with your area, postcode, name and jockey/pony details here if this is so or if you have any questions about qualifying.

We are trying to ensure that all children can qualify to race and will put on Training Days where we can, within Government Guidelines.

Summary of the 2020 Point-to-Point Pony Racing Season

• 69 (69) Hunts / Clubs applied to stage Pony Racing at their 2020 PtP Fixture this season but only 11 (67) PtP Pony Racing Fixtures took place. 5 (2) Fixtures were lost to waterlogging and 1 Fixture was lost to a situation that arose on the day of the meeting prior to racing starting.

• The Heythrop Hunt had the most entries with 30 followed closely by the Duke of Beaufort (29), the Duke of Buccleuch (28 (new for 2020)) and the Dart Vale & Haldon Harriers (27).

• The races with the most runners were the Duke of Buccleuch and the Duke of Beaufort who both had 27 Runners each at their fixtures.

• 3 Novice Rider races were run out of the 24 that were due to run. They were extremely well supported and resulted in a total of 25 runners.

• New for 2020 was the Intermediate race of which only 1 of the 5 due to run took place but had 8 entries resulting in 7 runners.

• 110 children took part in a race at one of the 11 fixtures which ran from the 26th January through to the 15th March.



The Point-to-Point Pony Racing Committee’s Annual Meeting was held on 24th April. Areas were represented by the following:
North – Lesley Walby
North West – Ruth Hurley
Midlands – Anna Saunders
Welsh Borders – Pauline Duggan
East Anglia – Gill Duffield South Midlands – Shona Supple]
West Midlands – Emma Davies
West Wales – Sophie Toy
South Wales – Beth Williams Wessex – George & Debbie Beilby
Devon & Cornwall – Kelvin Heard
Sandhurst – Christina Dunlop
South East – Helen Sarchet

2020’s Leading 138cm Rider Harry Vigors

2020’s Leading 148cm Rider Sholto Lacey



Point-to-point pony racing Championship Riders named for 2016

2016 138cm RaceTech Championship rider – Molly Landau 

With 110 points, with 5 wins, 6 second places, 3 thirds and a fourth. Molly rode two ponies – Molly VIII and Becca Walk O’The Wildside. Molly loves any sport especially hockey and athletics, she goes to Kings Hall, Taunton and hunts regularly with the Tauton Vale for which her father, Guy is the huntsman. She also enjoys all the usual activities associated with the Pony Club. Mum, Emma has to be highly commended as she has driven Molly nearly the length and breadth of the country to pony race!

Presentation after The Charles Owen Pony Races Cheltenham 22 Oct 2016 - Pic Steven Cargill / Racingfotos.com
Molly Landau, P2P pony racing Championship Rider 2016, receives her prize from Tom Phillips of RaceTech

The 2016 148cms RaceTech Championship rider – Connor Brace
Winner for the second year running, with 101 points, with 8 wins and 3 second places. Connor rode two ponies – Don’t Tell Dai and Peateaoh. Connor, 15, is the grandson of leading point-to-point owner/trainer David Brace OBE. He is very much an integral part of the team at Dunraven Stud and rides work and schools the racehorses at every opportunity. He enjoyed his first ride on Clonshire Marshmallow just over 5 years ago and has since partnered approximately 40 winners, primarily on Peateaoh, Molly and Don’t Tell Dai. A very keen all-round rider, Connor has ridden out for leading trainers such as Richard Hannon jnr and Nigel Twiston-Davies. Connor has obtained a licence to ride under Arab racing rules and is greatly looking forward to starting his point-to-point career as soon as he passes his 16th birthday.

Both Molly and Connor intend to carry on riding in pony races next season.

Presentation after The Charles Owen Pony Races Cheltenham 22 Oct 2016 - Pic Steven Cargill / Racingfotos.com
Connor Brace, P2P pony racing Championship Rider 2016, receives his prize from Tom Phillips of RaceTech

Pony Racing Graduate – Harry Myddleton 
Under the RaceTech sponsorship we have made funds available to the child who scores the highest number of points and who is eligible to ride in point-to-point races the following season, to use as sponsorship funds via the Riders Sponsorship Scheme (RSS) run by the PPA for those riding in points.
Harry Myddleton was this season’s winner and already has a point-to-pointer in getting fit to go racing this season. Regular updates will be posted throughout the season as to his progress on the PtP Pony Racing Facebook page and the PRA updates.

Presentation to Harry Myddelton after The Charles Owen Pony Races Cheltenham 22 Oct 2016 - Pic Steven Cargill / Racingfotos.com
Harry Myddelton, P2P pony racing Championship Rider 2016, receives his prize from Tom Phillips of RaceTech


Garthorpe host to 2016 point-to-point pony racing Championship Finals

Forty jockeys and their ponies arrived at Garthorpe Racecourse on 4 June 2016 to take part in a Championship fixture boasting six point-to-point pony finals races, the culmination of this year’s season and a fantastic achievement for all riders.

Hosted by the Meynell & South Staffordshire Hunt, the Championship finals were sponsored by broadcast services company RaceTech Media Ltd, which has provided major sponsorship for point-to-point pony racing across all 79 fixtures this year.  There were opportunities also for novice riders to compete in two height categories of finals thanks to sponsorship from Treehouse Sporting Colours, which supported a 14-race novice riders race series in 2016.

Lucy Tucker, director of the PRA, said: “Well done to everyone who supported the 2016 point-to-point pony racing championships – a great day made truly fun by everyone coming along and joining in. ”

Open Championship Final winners were Camilla Broster on Fair N Square (138cm & under) and Alfie Godfrey riding Calypso (148cm & under).  In the Conditions Race Final, the 138cm & under race was won by Boris Ball on Willow the Wisp, and the 148cm & under by Toby Ball on Little Wynne.  In the Treehouse Sporting Colours Novice Riders Race Final, Tara Stockwell on Ninfield Millionaire’s Delight took the 138cm & under title, with Sophie Manners on Derwent Dream Dancer winning the 148cm & under category.

Top of the leader boards in the RaceTech Point-to-Point Pony Racing Championships – accumulating points from races throughout the 2016 season – are Molly Landau (117 points, 138cm & under) and Connor Brace (101 points, 148cm & under).

An award ceremony will take place later this year to recognise the achievements and commitment of many of these young jockeys, including bursary and training awards to support their future aspirations in horse racing.

Photo credit: www.nicomorgan.com

2016 POINT-TO-POINT PONY RACING CHAMPIONSHIPS at Garthorpe Racecourse Saturday 4 June 2016 by kind permission of the Meynell & South Staffordshire Hunt

138cms & Under Treehouse Sporting Colours Novice Riders Race Final

1. Ninfield Millionaire’s Delight – Tara Stockwell
2. Taffy Lou – Sam Brown
3. Bathleyhills Sunlight – Millie Parrington
4. Mouse – Olivia Tubb
5. Wharley Gamecock – James Turner
6. Zebedee – William Jones
6 ran

148cms & Under Treehouse Sporting Colours Novice Riders Race Final

1. Derwent Dream Dancer – Sophie Manners
2. Gulliver IV – Charlotte Butler
3. Basford April Rose – Angus Villiers
4. Millie Butterfly – Robbie Ashe
5. Haunted Heights – Alec Voikhansky
6. Exquisite Midget – Ellie Vaughan
7. Tweasel Whiskers – Rosie Tompkins
8. Count On Me – Molly Roberts
8 ran

138cms & under CONDITIONS Race Final

1. Willow the Wisp – Boris Ball
2. Glin Road – Ger Supple
3. Renaissance III – Henry Main
4. Deehaven Chipmunk – Ivor Herbert
5. Charlie – Ted Featherstone
6. Becca Walk O’The Wildside – Molly Landau
7. Jazz – James Caldwell
8. Balfour Hill Song – Jamie Spencer
9. Coveham Generation – Violet Barton
9 ran

148cms & under CONDITIONS Race Final

1. Little Bull – Toby Wynne
2. The Mumbler – Milo Herbert
3. Little Lucky Lass – Tess Murphy
4. Prince of Thieves – Rose Curtis
5. Rubyroo – Roy Day
6. Quarter Inch – Luke Scott
F All Of My Dreams – Amy Furneaux
F Sextant – Tristan Durrell
8 ran

138cms & under OPEN Championship Final

1. Fair N Square – Camilla Broster
2. Nook Class Act – Minty Bloss
3. Little Anne – Charlie Todd
4. Ninfield Millionaire’s Splendour – Elliot Stockwell
5. Gazza Cruiser – Poppy Scott
5 ran

148cms & under OPEN Championship Final

1. Calypso – Alfie Godfrey
2. Judge Fox – Archie Frank
3. Bongo Bay – Owen Lewis
4. Tiny Dancer – Paddy Barlow
5. Pick Pocket – Nia Kerslake
6. Doppio Movimento – Nick Barratt Atkin
6 ran



MOLLY LANDAU with 117 points


2nd place – DANIEL ELLIS with 99 points
3rd place – CAMILLA BROSTER with 92 points


CONNOR BRACE with 101 points

2nd place – TAMBY WELCH with 79 points
3rd place – COSMO BALL with 78 points

Those who scored 20 points or more during the season competing in 138cms races are:

Charlie Todd – 86
Minty Bloss – 79
Will Featherstone – 59
Benjamin Bromley – 58
Freddie Gingell – 57
Fergus Gillard – 54
Boris Ball – 53
Olive Nicholls – 51
Alfie Godfrey, Poppy Scott – 49
Ger Supple – 48
Benoit de la Sayette, Tyler Heard – 46
Megan Bevan – 43
Elliot Stockwell – 42
Zara Brooks – 41
Owen Lewis, Kelsie Beilby – 40
Chad Bament – 35
Sarah Evans – 34
Elena Nikou, Joshua Brown – 32
Emma Buckle – 31
Lily Llewellyn – 27
Emma d’Angibau – 25
Jamie Spencer, Ted Featherstone – 24
Ivor Herbert, William Bevan – 22
Anna Bailey, Elliot England, Sophie Smith, Tara Stockwell – 20

Those who scored 20 points or more during the season competing in 148cms races are:

Ben Godfrey – 69
Albi Tufnell – 67
Archie Frank – 61
Joe Bradnam – 58
Alfie Godfrey – 57
Fergus Gillard – 55
William Humphrey – 54
Nick Barratt-Atkin – 53
Angus Villers, Tyler Heard – 52
Charlie Sprake, Paddy Barlow – 42
James Armstrong – 37
Benoit de la Sayette, Jack Tudor – 35
Ella McCain, Roy Day – 32
Nia Kerslake – 30
Harry Myddleton, Violet Barton, William Curtis – 29
Alana Taylor, Becky Wilkins, Owen Lewis – 28
Hamish Clarke – 26
Luca Morgan, Taylor Fisher – 25
Arron Butterfield, Brad Kent, Bruce Young – 24
Alicia Kemppainen, Robbie Ashe – 23
Charlie Todd, Charlotte Butler, George Daly – 22
Harvey Carrington – 21
Ellie Vaughan, Milo Herbert, Noah Brazg Carrell, Oakley Brown,
Sophie Manners, Toby Wynne – 20

RaceTech reaffirms its support for point-to-point pony racing

RaceTech logo - pt2pt pony racing sponsorBroadcast media services company RaceTech will again be supporting the grass roots of pony racing by sponsoring the Championship Rider Titles and Pony Racing Graduate awards during the 2016 point-to-point pony racing season. The season kicks off at the Cambridgeshire and Enfield Chase point-to-point at Horseheath in the East Anglian Area, on Sunday 7 February and runs through until the last fixture of the season on Saturday 12 June, the Torrington Farmers at Umberleigh in the Devon & Cornwall Area. All in all, there are seventy-nine point-to-point pony racing fixtures due to be staged. Points will be awarded for all wins and placings and winners will be presented with prizes and a training bursary at Cheltenham Racecourse in October.

In addition to the Championship titles and Graduate awards, new for 2016, RaceTech will also be sponsoring gallop sessions for young riders coming through the Pony Racing Authority’s youth training scheme during 2016.

Additional sponsorship has been confirmed in the form of Treehouse Sporting Colours which, for 2016, will be the title sponsor of the Novice Riders Race Series. Fourteen qualifying races will be held throughout the country where those finishing in the first four will qualify for the finals, to be staged by kind permission of the Meynell & South Staffordshire point-to-point at Garthorpe on 4 June.

The 2016 Point-to-Point Pony Racing Planner, in its fourth edition, has generously been sponsored by Bridgend-based Dunraven Stud. The Planner is a must-have publication for everyone wishing to take part in point-to-point pony races this season and is issued to all PRA members or available from Mrs Lucy Tucker.

Pony racing is designed to encourage children aged nine to sixteen into racing competitively, with races held across two height categories (138cms & under and 148cms & under). All point-to-point pony racing fixtures are kindly hosted by the organising committees of those Hunts / Clubs who stage point-to-point racing and run in conjunction with the sport’s governing body, the Pony Racing Authority (PRA). Since the sport became regulated in 2004, more than 150 riders have graduated onto horses both between the flags and under Rules, with many more also working within the horseracing industry.

Catherine Pullan of RaceTech said: “We’re delighted to continue our close association with pony racing for a fourth year, where young children from a variety of backgrounds have the chance to experience the thrill of riding in a race. It’s great to see teenagers coming through and making their mark in the professional ranks, and going into other areas in the racing industry too. We wish all those taking part this season the very best of luck.”

Lucy Tucker, a Director of the PRA and who oversees point-to-point pony racing, said: “The generous sponsorship provided by RaceTech, Treehouse Sporting Colours and the Brace family from Dunraven Stud means we are able to put on a superb programme of point-to-point pony racing. The PRA is widening its reach to new riders – with training programmes designed for children who have little or no experience of ponies, and are therefore creating more opportunities for them to be able to get involved and ultimately have a go.”


Notes to editors

Treehouse-logo-small The 2016 Treehouse Sporting Colours Novice Riders Race Series
The series is designed for Pony Club and hunting-type ponies and novice riders, with qualifying races across the country at 14 fixtures. The first four past the post are eligible to enter and run in the Finals, which are due to be held at Garthorpe on 4 June. Secretary: Mrs Lucy Tucker – ptpponyracing@icloud.com / 01258 817604. Entries taken online via www.ponyracingauthority.co.uk

race_tech-150x60The Rider’s Championship Points Series
Points are awarded to those placed 1st – 4th on the following basis: 1st: 7 points, 2nd 5 points, 3rd: 3 points 4th: 1 point. The rider from each height category with the most points at the end of the season will be presented with their prizes in the main winners enclosure at a race meeting held at Cheltenham Racecourse. Prizes will be in kind and a training bursary.

race_tech-150x60The RaceTech Graduate Award
The Rider gaining the most points throughout the season via the Championship Points Series and who will be eligible to ride as an adult the following season (i.e. age 16) and who plans to ride in point-to-point races will be offered sponsorship by RaceTech via the Point-to-Point Riders Sponsorship Scheme (RSS). The 2015 RaceTech Graduate award winner Ben Godfrey will be riding between the flags during this season and will be making his debut kindly sponsored by RaceTech.

dunraven stud logo  Sponsors of the 2016 Point to Point Pony Racing Planner – available from Mrs Lucy Tucker email ptpponyracing@icloud.com

For more information concerning Point-to-Point Pony Racing, contact: Mrs Lucy Tucker: ptpponyracing@icloud.com / 01258 817604 / 07771 518258
RaceTech www.racetech.co.uk
Treehouse Sporting Colours www.treehouseonline.co.uk
Dunraven Stud www.dunravenstud.com
The Point-to-Point Racing Company: www.pointtopoint.couk

Success for Youth Training Scheme as first-time jockey Annabel Willis takes the reins

The dream of a young rider to become a jockey has come true thanks to an innovative Youth Training Scheme which aims to make careers in racing more accessible for young people.

Sixteen-year-old Annabel Willis from Banbury made her debut at the Heythrop Hunt point-to-point held at Cocklebarrow racecourse last weekend [24 Jan]. Despite having to pull up My Minds Maid two from home in the 3m 4f Ladies Open, it was a good first outing for the Moreton Morell College student, who had no experience of racing until two years ago.

With her experience limited to lessons at a local riding school, Annabel joined a Youth Training Scheme (YTS) based at Appletree Stud near Banbury, one of two schemes run by the Pony Racing Authority (PRA). Designed for children aged 11-14 years who do not own a pony and who are unable to participate in pony racing through financial or other circumstances, the scheme takes young riders through a fully-funded training programme with the goal being to take part in a pony race.

As one of the first teenagers to graduate from the training scheme in 2014, Annabel described the experience as life-changing:

“I wasn’t lucky enough to have my own pony growing up, but I never saw that as an issue, more an obstacle to overcome. Completing the YTS scheme meant that, as well as riding in a Pony Club Race Day at Cheltenham, I learned about the different roles in racing and developed some of the skills needed for the industry. I wish I had had longer in pony racing, but the hard work and focus I had during and after the YTS, is definitely what got me to the races on Sunday.”

The 16-year-old credits Stratford-based trainer Francesca Nimmo for her first competitive ride: “Francesca gave me the opportunity to ride out for her whilst I study for an Equine Management Diploma at college. When the chance came up to ride My Minds Maid – or Marge as we call her – it took sixteen weeks of hard work, balancing my race riding, fitness and education, along with intensive equicizer and schooling sessions with Francesca’s partner, professional jockey Charlie Poste, before I was ready to go.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better race to have my first spin – it was the fastest 7 minutes of my life!  The best thing, by far, was jumping a racehorse at speed over the fences in the pack.  It was the biggest thrill I have ever felt … such an adrenaline rush!”

She added: “Before the YTS I was like any teenager drifting through life without ambition. Now I know what I want, I’m one hundred per cent focused and excited for what my future may hold.”

Francesca Nimmo said: “We are delighted with the progress Annabel has made over the last sixteen weeks, having had very little experience on racehorses.  Her hard work has paid off and she certainly did not look out of place on her debut on Sunday.  Pony racing has obviously provided her with a fantastic grounding.”

PRA chief executive Clarissa Daly commented: “With her determination to succeed and enthusiasm for learning, Annabel is a fantastic role model for young riders. I am delighted that our Youth Training Scheme, through the coaching and mentoring of Julie and Patrick Scott at Appletree Stud, has given Annabel the boost she needed to start a career in racing.”

For more information about our Pony Racing Academy, and the Youth Training Scheme, please see our Facebook page Pony Racing Academy

The Charles Owen Finals

Since the end of March 2015 the Charles Owen Racecourse Series has featured on many racecourses around the country, with jockeys aiming to secure as many points as possible to qualify for the prestigious finals, this year kindly hosted by Aintree Racecourse.

Both Finals were tightly contested races with the top ponies battling out for both race wins and also points towards the Leading Pony title. After 8 wins from 8 races, Sophie Smith was one of the leading favourites to claim the 138cm title with her pony Push The Button, but sharing the top in the Leading Pony table was Tyler Heard with the Jobs Not Straight.

The 148cm race was also going to be a memorable race for many of the jockeys before they graduated from Pony Racing. James Bowen with Cudlic Verona went into the race as winners of the Leading Pony Title and as partnership that have not finished outside the top two in qualifying races. But there was going to be tough competition from Joshua Bryan (Follow the Star), Conditions Final winner Rachel Sharpe (Mr Marshall) and AJ O’Neill who although only had four runs to his name, included 3 wins.

138cm Final

  1. Sophie Smith and Push the Button
  2. Tamby Welch and Churchill
  3. Tyler Heard and The Jobs Not Straight

148cm Final

  1. AJ O’Neill and Miss Wonderful
  2. Joshua Bryan and Follow the Star
  3. James Bowen and Cudlic Verona


Thank you to all those who took part in the series this year and we look forward to seeing more new faces on the  Racecourse Series next year.