New PRA Equine Influenza Vaccination Regulations for 2024

December 2023

Please see the updated regulations on vaccinations for Equine Influenza for ponies wishing to race with the PRA in 2024:

Any change to a Pony’s name must be registered with the passport provider of the Pony’s original passport.

No Pony shall be permitted to take part in any PRA recognised Pony Race unless it is:

-Accompanied on the day by its current valid Passport

-The Pony has been registered with the PRA in accordance with Regulation 16

Every Pony must have valid Vaccinations, which undeniably relate to that Pony, completed, signed and stamped on each line by a Veterinary Surgeon, who is not the owner or trainer of the animal.
It must state that the Pony has received two primary vaccination injections for Equine Influenza given no less than 21 days and no more than 60 days apart.
(Only these first two injections need to have been given before the Pony may compete).

In addition, a first booster injection must be given no less than 120 days and no more than 180 days after the second injection of the primary vaccination.
Subsequently, booster injections must be given at intervals of not more than 6 months commencing after the first booster injection.

None of these injections must have been given within the preceding seven days, including the day of the Pony Race.

Any pony that restarted their primary course of vaccinations during 2023 must have had a 6 monthly booster following their primary course.

Ponies that started their vaccination course BEFORE 2023 and had a compliant record up until 30.09.2023 (even using 12 monthly boosters and previous primary course vaccination intervals) are eligible to race so long as they have 6 monthly boosters from this date.

Any pony whose vaccinations are not currently compliant will be required to restart their vaccinations before they can be registered with the PRA.

A Passport will not be regarded as being completed as required under the PRA Regulations if any record of vaccinations against Equine Influenza is altered in any way.

An incorrect entry must be deleted and a new entry made, signed by the Veterinary Surgeon who was responsible for giving the vaccination.

The owner of any Pony which enters a PRA Pony Race shall be guilty of an offence when:

– That Pony has not been vaccinated as required for which there is a fine of £25.

– The vaccination section of the Passport has not been endorsed as required or the said document is not available for inspection as required for which there is a fine of £25.

-If there is a breach of Regulation 59 (ii) the Pony will not be permitted to run on the day.

-It shall be the responsibility of the Owner to ensure that when any Pony enters the venue on the day of which a PRA Pony Race is held that its Passport is available for inspection at any time whilst it is on that property. It is also the responsibility of the Owner of a Pony to ensure at all times that vaccinations required under the PRA Regulations have been correctly administered and properly entered on the Passport.

The PRA announces the appointment of a new Chief Executive

The PRA are delighted to announce the appointment of Fiona Rawson as Chief Executive.

Fiona will take over from Clarissa Daly in March 2024. Clarissa is standing down after 11 very rewarding years in the role in March 2024

Fiona has worked in Scottish sport for a number of years, most recently as Education and Development manager for horsescotland. Fiona commented: “I am delighted at the opportunity to take forward the PRA, the steps the team have taken to create such an inclusive pathway into Pony Racing was what attracted me to the role, as I am passionate about young people being able to access and develop skills within Equestrianism.  I’m looking forward to working with all the PRA team, members and partners to celebrate the current achievements and to continue to develop the organisation going forward.”

Simon Claisse, Chairman of the PRA, said, “We are delighted to appoint Fiona as the new Chief Executive. Her experience in working across all the disciplines of equestrian sport but with a focus on education, means she has the exact skills required to take pony racing forward.

The PRA has established itself as the junior league of racing – introducing young jockeys to the industry through the Rider Pathway into Horseracing. We are proud of all we have achieved over the last 15 years and I look forward to working with Fiona to ensure the sport continues to thrive in the future.

I would like to thank Clarissa Daly for all she has done for the PRA over the last 11 years. The ranks of alumni are testament to the success of pony racing along with over 300 children who didn’t own their own ponies being able to participate in pony races. Clarissa has positioned the PRA as the main point of entry for riders into the industry.”

Notes to Editors:

The PRA was started in 2007 following the 2004 review into Jump Racing. The PRA is responsible for pony races at over 50 Point-to-Point fixtures and 20 Racecourses through the summer as part of the Dragon (TV & Film) Studios Series.

Currently 50% of the leading top 20 Jump jockeys started in pony racing and 25% of the leading top 20 flat jockeys. 

5 graduates of PRA Academies, for riders’ who don’t own their own pony, are currently riding as professional or amateur jockeys. Over 20 Academy graduates are working full or part-time in the industry.

Since pony racing began in Great Britain our alumni have gone on to ride as both professional and amateur jockeys, some have gone on to take out a licence to train racehorses and others work in various areas in racing, including a Clerk of the Course. Pony racing is proven to provide a good grounding and a good introduction to horse racing.

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