Point-to-Point Pony Racing

Point-to-Point Pony Racing is the bread and butter of the sport. Taking place most weekends from February to early June, over 70 Point-to-Points stage more than 160 Pony Races throughout the country.

Point-to-Point Pony Races are organised by the PRA’s Point-to-Point Pony Racing Committee. The races are run under the PRA regulations.

For information on Point-to-Point Pony Racing contact Lucy Felton.

Click here for the 2021 Careers in Racing & Treehouse Sporting Colours Point-to-Point Pony Racing Season Guide.




Below is the DRAFT 2021 Point-to-Point Pony Racing Fixture List which is based on the newly revised official 2021 PtP Fixture list circulated on 26.2.21.

This will be updated on a daily basis as to when a fixture confirms they will be including pony racing.

In light of the complexities created by requirements needing to be in place due to Covid, some hunts who originally applied to have pony racing may no longer be able to do so due to local authority legislation, geographical set up of the course etc. Some hunts who are currently listed especially those in Scotland and Wales may give the green light now only to find that nearer the time they can’t run due to further or no changes in Government ruling.

Everyone is doing their utmost to get details confirmed and all those listed below are doing their very best to accommodate pony racing but in some instances it might be out of their hands.

Those in bold have confirmed they will include pony racing as of 4.3.21 as long as their Fixture can go ahead:

Area Meeting Course 2021 DATE
WM Gloucester Races Maisemore Park 30 March
EA Essex & Suffolk (N.B change of date) Higham 02 April
Y Middleton Sheriff Hutton 03 April
D&C Dartmoor Flete Park 17 April
SM Bicester with Whaddon Chase Edgcote 18 April
N Fife Overton 24 April
WM Berkeley (N.B change of date) Woodford 25 April
N Lauderdale Mosshouses 01 May
D&C Flete Races Flete Park 01 May
MID Fernie with Fitzwilliam Dingley 02 May
SW Ystrad Taf Fechan Bonvilston 09 May
W Weston & Banwell Harriers Cothelstone 12 May
N Haydon Hexham 15 May
SM Grafton Edgcote 16 May
NW Knutsford Races Club Tabley 16 May
SW Glamorgan (N.B change of date) Bonvilston 22 May
D&C Exmoor Bratton Down 23 May
MID Melton Hunt Club Garthorpe 23 May
W West Somerset Vale Cothelstone 30 May
D&C South Tetcott Upcott Cross 31 May
MID Meynell & South Staffs Garthorpe 05 June
D&C Torrington Farmers Umberleigh 12 June



The structure of the Point-to-Point Pony Racing Calendar is based on the official Point-to-Point Racing Fixture list and is based on the 13 regions known as “Areas” within the country with each Area having a pony racing organiser.

The Areas are:
• North
• North West
• Yorkshire
• Midlands
• Welsh Borders
• West Wales
• South Wales & Monmouthshire
• West Midlands
• South Midlands
• Wessex
• Devon & Cornwall
• South East
• East Anglia

Point-to-Point Pony Races are organised on behalf of the PRA by the Point-to-Point Pony Racing Committee with Area Organisers responsible for the running of Pony Races each day.

These fixtures are the next step up from Pony Club Racedays. There is a choice of race type to choose from i.e. Novice, Conditions and Open races thus giving everyone a chance from the less experienced / competitive to those with more experience on the more competitive ponies. A number of Areas also run local championships and awards for riders in their area and there is also a National Championship for both 138cms & 148cms Riders which is based on a points system and announced at the end of each season.

Ponies and riders must qualify to compete in Point-to-Point Pony Races. To see if you are qualified click here.

N.B. If you want to try pony racing for the first time you do not have to have a height certificate for your pony. You however MUST be a registered member of the Pony Racing Authority (PRA) and register your pony.

Graduates from pony racing will receive free Point-to-Point Owners’ and Riders’ Association (PPORA) membership for their first season. Visit www.ppora.co.uk for more information.


Please note that when a meeting has to abandon i.e. can’t rearrange entry fees are refunded less a £2.50 admin / stripe payment fee.

When an entry is made in error or a request to withdraw before an entries closing deadline, the entry fee less £1 is refunded.

Entry Fees will not be refunded following the closing deadline should the combination declare as a non-runner in the run up to the race.