Point-to-Point Pony Racing Update. 20.1.22

The “Careers in Racing” Planner will be out shortly but to see what’s on from now until the end of February please click here. We also have the At a Glance , which shows you the spread of races throughout the season and where all the different types are going to be run. The five race types are:

-Maiden Race

-Novice Rider Race

-Intermediate Race

-Open Race

-Conditions Race

By clicking here you can see the conditions for each of them which when you enter you must be able to meet.

We have sadly lost the following fixtures over the past week:

-Vine & Craven (Barbury Castle)

-The United Pack (Brampton Bryan)

 However, we still have a good number and spread of 51 fixtures which you can see by clicking here.



-138cms & under OPEN Race

-148cms & under OPEN Race

ALL entries MUST be done online and late entries won’t be accepted. 
The safety factor for both is 10 and one race may divide if sufficient entries are received. 
Should a ballot need to be carried priority given in the following order to:
1) First time Riders
2) Those riders who have had the least number of runs
3) Those closest to the venue as per their PRA membership registered post code 
up to a maximum of 10 with three reserves being advertised following the deadline

Please remember all the paperwork relevant to the PRA member and the pony MUST be registered and approved by 12 noon on Friday, 21st January.

We’d love to see / be able to share your memories of your days racing so please send your photos to Lucy Felton via WhatsApp on 07771 518258.