Congratulations Grace!

Grace Knowles, a PRA Graduate, won her first P2P race on Sunday, First ride first win ! 

Grace started out on ‘Taz ‘the Ginger Ninja, not an easy pony to ride . Taz had quite a few issues which Grace worked hard to overcome with him and a top tip from Nikki Sheppard made a huge difference . He’s a fab little pony now ,still tricky at times but could give a good little jockey a start into pony racing . She had to make do with him because a racing pony was out of our budget . They didn’t ever have a win but as Grace often quotes ‘he was never last either and he was good at winning best turned out ‘!!!

We then moved on to the wonderful Captain Hurricane. Due to covid he had to race in Open Races even though he’s a novice pony.  Graces thoughts were that it would just give her experience for racing in general, good plan as they had a false start on Sunday! She had 5 great rides on him last season and learnt so much ,she was sadly too old for the racecourse series.

As a mother I was so worried the when we arrived at Caradoc for the training day with a pony that wasn’t used to racing ,not knowing what the form was, and even more terrified at her first Pony race at Maisemore but the kindness and help offered by so many brilliant people, from the PRA , PC and Friends made is easy.

After A levels she decided to take a gap year at Fergal OBbriens and try to gain knowledge about race riding and the whole industry.He first P2P ride was on Stacks Mountain a lovely 9yr old horse that came over from Cheltenham Gold Cup winning trainer Henry de Bromheads in August last year he is owned and trained by Fergal O’Brien .

Grace also won the £500 Dubarry voucher for best rider performance!

Point-to-Point Pony Racing Update. 20.1.22

The “Careers in Racing” Planner will be out shortly but to see what’s on from now until the end of February please click here. We also have the At a Glance , which shows you the spread of races throughout the season and where all the different types are going to be run. The five race types are:

-Maiden Race

-Novice Rider Race

-Intermediate Race

-Open Race

-Conditions Race

By clicking here you can see the conditions for each of them which when you enter you must be able to meet.

We have sadly lost the following fixtures over the past week:

-Vine & Craven (Barbury Castle)

-The United Pack (Brampton Bryan)

 However, we still have a good number and spread of 51 fixtures which you can see by clicking here.



-138cms & under OPEN Race

-148cms & under OPEN Race

ALL entries MUST be done online and late entries won’t be accepted. 
The safety factor for both is 10 and one race may divide if sufficient entries are received. 
Should a ballot need to be carried priority given in the following order to:
1) First time Riders
2) Those riders who have had the least number of runs
3) Those closest to the venue as per their PRA membership registered post code 
up to a maximum of 10 with three reserves being advertised following the deadline

Please remember all the paperwork relevant to the PRA member and the pony MUST be registered and approved by 12 noon on Friday, 21st January.

We’d love to see / be able to share your memories of your days racing so please send your photos to Lucy Felton via WhatsApp on 07771 518258.

Heythrop PtP Pony Races – Sunday 23rd January 2022

Entries close SUNDAY, 16TH JANUARY at 8pm. 

Entries received as of 13.1.21:

138cms & under OPEN Race – 13 entries
148cms & under OPEN Race – 8 entries

Please note, the race that receives the most entries will be divided as we have permission to run 3 Pony Races on the day. 

Should a ballot be required at this fixture (if more than 10 entries per race are received), which in this instance is very likely, those CLOSEST to the venue as per their PRA membership registered post code will be given PRIORITY up to a maximum of 10 entries with three reserves being advertised following the deadline.

FOLLOWING THIS FIXTURE, for the remainder of the season, should a ballot be required, priority with be given in the following order:

1) First time Riders
2) Those riders who have had the least number of runs
3) Those closest to the venue as per their PRA membership registered post code.

Each race allows up to a maximum of 10 entries with three reserves being advertised following the deadline.

The CAMBRIDGESHIRE AND ENFIELD CHACE fixture on Saturday 29th January is also open for entries as of today. 

Should there be too many entries, the race that receives the most entries will be divided and the balloting procedures will be as stated above.

Click here for the confirmed 2022 Point-to-Point Pony Racing Fixture List. 

You can also view the online version of the Point-to-Point Pony Racing Planner, covering the first 7 fixtures from 23rd January to 27th February including the dates entries for fixtures open.  The Planner for the rest of the season is in print and will be sent out later in the month. 

Any questions, you can get in touch here.

2022 Membership and Registering your Pony

-Please do not try to register ANY pony until you have completed your child/Jockey’s membership
-Please make sure your pony has completed the criteria for qualification BEFORE you try to register it. ie Training Day to be completed, not just booked.  For further details, see the PRA Regulations
-Qualifications MAY NOT be carried over from last season.
-Pony Registrations must be made by noon on Friday for approval. An email is sent to your inbox when the Chief PRA Steward approves the pony’s registration.  If approved, you will be able to enter races closing that Sunday. Register early to avoid disappointment. 
-When registering, you will be asked to upload photos of your pony’s passport. Please have this on hand and check the size of the photo’s you are uploading.
-Be aware that Annual JMB Measurements expired on the 31st December. You will need to remeasure your pony now for a valid 2022 season JMB number and you should book this directly with the JMB.
-If you wish to add a second pony for your Jockey to ride this season, please go to the pony’s registration page on your account and add the child/Jockey there. The same goes for adding a second Jockey to ride the same pony as another Jockey. 
On both occasions, please inform the Chief PRA Steward immediately by email ( so they can check the qualification and pony details, and approve the addition.
-If you are registering a pony which is already on the PRA database, please be sure to enter the name correctly and as given on the passport.
(Using the official Passport name and not a stable name applies to all ponies!).
-If you are hoping to enter a race of a weekend you MUST make sure you have registered your pony on the PRA website, uploading all required documents and correct information including contact details for any Master or DC required to approve the qualification no later than 12, midday on the Friday before.  Please do not leave it to the last minute. 

Uploading Passport Pages?

Please don’t try to upload a PDF – it won’t work. Photos of passport pages must be JPEGs or PNGs and the total maximum size for all photos is 4 MB.  The easiest way to register your pony is often via a phone or tablet.  When uploading your passport’s front page, ID pages and Vaccination Records, simply click on the photo before you upload and change the ‘Actual Size’ of the photo to ‘Large Size’. 

Amendments to the Vaccinations Code


From 01 January 2022, the primary course and booster interval schedule for Equine Influenza vaccinations will be amended as follows:

 The European Horserace Scientific Liaison Committee (EHSLC) Board approved the above changes to vaccination protocols in October 2019, following consideration of advice from experts in equine infectious disease.

As communicated by the BHA in November 2019, it was initially proposed that the harmonisation changes come into effect from January 2021, subject to consultation with participants in each racing jurisdiction, which was subsequently delayed by the BHA due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The harmonised EHSLC primary course and six-monthly booster intervals will now come into effect from 01 January 2022, with the BHA and Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board (IHRB) taking a coordinated approach to implementation.

Please note that the new primary course and booster intervals were implemented in both France and Germany on 05 May 2021, so horses entered to race in these jurisdictions must be compliant with the new requirements.

Primary course intervals

-Primary course intervals are only required for horses that have not yet been administered a primary course or are required to re-start a new primary course.

-Horses that have a compliant primary course and compliant subsequent boosters up to and including 31 December 2021 do not have to re-start the vaccination process. 

-Any horse starting a new primary course up to and including 31 December should continue with the current intervals, even if V2 and V3 are administered in 2022.

-Any horse starting a primary course from 01 January 2022 must comply with the new intervals.

 Six-monthly boosters 

Boosters should be administered no more than six months apart, according to calendar months rather than a fixed number of days. For example, a horse that is fully vaccinated on 01 January would require a booster on or before 01 July.

-We ask that trainers seek to move to the new vaccination schedule as soon as practicable. However, to help trainers implement the changes with minimal disruption to training, horses should be fully compliant with the new requirements by 01 January 2023.

-This means that before 01 January 2023, race entry will not be refused on the ground of having not yet commenced six-monthly boosters.

-As of 01 January 2023, an Entry for a Race, or a Confirmation of Entry in respect of Early Closers, will not be accepted for any horse unless it has a correct vaccination record.

To be clear: all horses must have a compliant vaccination record by 01 January 2023 (i.e.) all horses must have been administered a booster within six months of 01 January 2023.

*Horses which are due an annual booster between 01 January 2022 – 30 June 2022 will require a booster vaccination between 01 July 2022 – 31 December 2022 in order to be compliant by 01 January 2023.

*Horses which are due an annual booster between 01 July 2022 – 31 December 2022 will be compliant by 01 January 2023.

*NB horses which are vaccinated on 01 July 2022 will be due their next booster on or before 01 January 2023.

-As under the existing Rules, there is no minimum interval for boosters.

-Horses which do not have a compliant vaccination record as of 01 January 2023 will be required to re-start. Horses which have an interval of over six months between boosters will be required to re-start.