The Charles Owen Finals

Since the end of March 2015 the Charles Owen Racecourse Series has featured on many racecourses around the country, with jockeys aiming to secure as many points as possible to qualify for the prestigious finals, this year kindly hosted by Aintree Racecourse.

Both Finals were tightly contested races with the top ponies battling out for both race wins and also points towards the Leading Pony title. After 8 wins from 8 races, Sophie Smith was one of the leading favourites to claim the 138cm title with her pony Push The Button, but sharing the top in the Leading Pony table was Tyler Heard with the Jobs Not Straight.

The 148cm race was also going to be a memorable race for many of the jockeys before they graduated from Pony Racing. James Bowen with Cudlic Verona went into the race as winners of the Leading Pony Title and as partnership that have not finished outside the top two in qualifying races. But there was going to be tough competition from Joshua Bryan (Follow the Star), Conditions Final winner Rachel Sharpe (Mr Marshall) and AJ O’Neill who although only had four runs to his name, included 3 wins.

138cm Final

  1. Sophie Smith and Push the Button
  2. Tamby Welch and Churchill
  3. Tyler Heard and The Jobs Not Straight

148cm Final

  1. AJ O’Neill and Miss Wonderful
  2. Joshua Bryan and Follow the Star
  3. James Bowen and Cudlic Verona


Thank you to all those who took part in the series this year and we look forward to seeing more new faces on the  Racecourse Series next year.