Vaccinations for Equine Influenza – updated 5/1/23

New regulations are now in place regarding vaccinations for Equine Influenza. The PRA mirrors the rules of the British Horseracing Authority who have created a useful Vaccination Calculator which you can access here.

For further advice on vaccinating your pony in line with these new regulations, please speak to your vet.

Update 5/1/23:

The BHA have offered an extension on Equine Influenza booster vaccinations to January 15th 2023. 

This means that if your pony has not had a booster for Equine Influenza in the last 6 months you MUST get one on or before 14th January 2023. 

From 15th January, Equine Influenza booster vaccinations cannot exceed a 6-month interval. Those that do will need to restart their pony’s vaccinations for Equine Influenza before they can take part in any pony racing activity.