Point-to-Point Pony Racing

Point-to-Point Pony Racing is the bread and butter of the sport. The races take place most weekends from January to early June with around 50 fixtures around the country.


View the 2024 Fixture list.

Fixtures will be available to enter i.e. will appear live online 10 days prior to the entries closing date. In the main the closing deadline is at 8pm on the SUNDAY prior to the fixtures on the following weekend. Where a fixture is run on a day which is neither a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, please refer to the Point-to-Point Pony Racing Planner for the closing date for the fixture.

Point-to-Point Pony Races are organised by the PRA’s Point-to-Point Pony Racing Committee. The races are run under the PRA regulations.

For information on Point-to-Point Pony Racing contact Lucy Felton.


The structure of the Point-to-Point Pony Racing Calendar is based on the official Point-to-Point Racing Fixture list and is based on the 13 regions known as “Areas” within the country with each Area having a pony racing organiser.

The Areas are:
• North
• West Mercian (North West and West Midlands amalgamated)
• Yorkshire
• Midlands
• Wales (West Wales, Welsh Borders and South Wales & Monmouthshire amalgamated)
• South Wales & Monmouthshire
• South Midlands
• Wessex
• Devon & Cornwall
• South East
• East Anglia

Point-to-Point Pony Races are organised on behalf of the PRA by the Point-to-Point Pony Racing Committee with Area Organisers responsible for the running of Pony Races each day.

These fixtures are the next step up from Pony Club Racedays. There is a choice of race type to choose from i.e. Open, Intermediate, Novice, Maiden and Conditions races thus giving everyone a chance from the less experienced / competitive to those with more experience on the more competitive ponies. A number of Areas also run local championships and awards for riders in their area and there is also a National Championship for both 138cms & 148cms Riders which is based on a points system and announced at the end of each season.

Ponies and riders must qualify to compete in Point-to-Point Pony Races. To see if you are qualified click here.

Graduates from pony racing will receive free Point-to-Point Owners’ and Riders’ Association (PPORA) membership for their first season. Visit www.ppora.co.uk for more information.


Entry fees will be refunded when a combination is balloted less the admin fee (£5) & stripe payment fees

Entry fees will be refunded when a combination is a reserve and doesn’t get a run, less the admin & the stripe payment fee.

Entry fees will be refunded if a meeting has to abandon i.e. can’t rearrange less the admin & the stripe payment fee.

Entry fees will be refunded, if made in error or a request to withdraw before an entries closing deadline is received, less the admin fee and the stripe payment fee.

Entry Fees will NOT be refunded following the closing deadline should the combination declare as a non-runner prior to the race.