Privacy Policy (under 18)

The Pony Racing Authority Limited


This privacy policy is aimed at children under the age of 16 who take part in pony racing with the Pony Racing Authority. If you are over the age of 16, please see our privacy policy.

Who are we?

We are The Pony Racing Authority– we organise pony races!

If you want to take part in a pony race (whether as part of our academy or as a member of the Pony Racing Authority), this document tells you about the information we need to take from you. If you don’t understand anything in this document, you should ask an adult to explain it to you or, if you are over 13, you can contact Clarissa who works for us, at:

What information do we collect about you?

If you want to take part in a pony race, we will need to ask you for some information. We need to do this so we know who you are, whether you’ve ridden a pony before and whether you have any injuries or medical conditions that might mean that you cannot ride a pony or take part in a race.

Occasionally, we may also take pictures or videos of you when you’re taking part in a race but we only do this when we have you or your parent or guardian’s permission to do so.

Some of the things we ask you may be quite sensitive. This is special information about who you are, your health and your family background.

Details of the information we take and how we use it are included in the table below.

This information is called your ‘personal information’ or ‘personal data’. Put simply, it is anything which can identify you as a person.

Where do we get your personal information from?

We get this from you or the person who looks after you (your parent or guardian).

This is usually taken when you contact us by sending us an email directly or through our website (contact page) or calling us on the phone. You might have asked your parent or guardian to help and they might have contacted us for you – that’s ok too.

If you are under 13, we will need to get your personal information from your parent or guardian. This is why, when you contact us, we’ll usually ask you how old you are first and, if you’re not yet 13, we will ask to speak to your parent or guardian.

If you are 13 or older, then you are able to give us your permission to take your personal information, where we need your permission to do so. We don’t always need your permission and we’ve explained this in more detail in the table below.

What do we do with your personal information?

We have to follow data protection law when it comes to how we use your personal information. This means that there are certain rules that we must follow in order to keep your information safe. This is because your information is really important so we are careful about how we use it.

We can only use your personal information where the law says that we can. The table below explains why we need your information and what we do with it.

Your information What we do with it What the law says
Your name, date of birth, weight, where you live We need to use your personal information so you can take part in pony racing –

  • We take your name so that we know who you are;
  • We need your address so that we can find you a riding school that is close to where you live;
  • We take your date of birth and weight so that we can work out what sort of pony you should be riding and which race you can take part in.


This is part of the contract that we have with you or your parent / guardian who signed up for you to take part.
What school you attend and what school year you are in We need to take this information to make sure that you meet the requirements to take part in our pony racing scheme. This is part of the contract that we have with you or your parent / guardian who signed up for you to take part and also so we can make sure that we are complying with the rules set by our regulator (there is more information about our regulator in the ‘who we share your personal information’ section below).
Your phone number and email address (if you have one) We need to be able to contact you about the training sessions (in case any of the details change), as well as the race and any other information that you might need.


This is part of the contract that we have with you or with your parents / guardians who sign up for you to take part.


Information about your health We need this information so that we can keep you safe whilst you are learning to ride or taking part in a race. Sometimes there are medical conditions, like epilepsy, which mean that it might not be safe for you to join in so we need to know about these beforehand.

If you have an accident when you’re riding or taking part in a race, we will need to know information about your health to make sure you get the right help.

We might also take information relating to any disabilities or special circumstances that may affect whether you can ride a pony. We are required to collect this information from the organisation that provides us with money to run our pony racing scheme (known as our ‘funders’).


We take this information with either your consent (where you are over 13) or your parent or guardian’s consent
Your age, riding ability, riding or racing experience, information about other sporting achievements and any feedback or comments that you give us about how we are doing


We use this information to assess how successful our pony races are – this means we look at your information against other children who are also taking part to see if our training is right for your age and ability.


This is so that we can ensure we are providing you with the best training possible. This is known as our ‘legitimate interest’.
‘Technical data’ from our website – our website is very clever and it can work out what location you are in when you visit our website. It can also track what you do on our website like how long you visit it or what buttons you press. We use this information to help improve our website and make it better for you and other visitors. We want to try and make it as helpful as possible.


This is so that we can ensure we are providing the most useful website and information possible. This is known as our ‘legitimate interest’.
Diversity and inclusion information Sometimes, we may ask you for information about your background or family circumstances. This is so we can make sure that our pony racing scheme is offered to children from different backgrounds.


There are certain legal requirements that mean we must collect this information from you and report it to our funders or regulator.


Who do we share your personal information with?

Our staff who help to organise and run our training and pony races will see and use your personal information.

Sometimes, we also need to share your personal information with other people outside of The Pony Racing Authority. The section explains who we share your information with.

Your Pony Club Branch – we work closely with your Pony Club Branch so we can be sure you are ready to take part in a race and also to let them know your pony racing achievements.

Your riding school– even though we run the pony races, we work closely with your riding school who will provide you with riding lessons before the race and teach you how to take part in a pony race. We share your personal information with them so that they can provide you with your lessons and  training and make sure you’re ready to take part in the race.

Emergency services or doctors –If you have an accident during training or during a pony race and need medical help, we will share your personal information with the emergency services and your parents or guardians. They need to know this information to help you and keep you safe.

Our regulator – there is an organisation called the British Horseracing Authority that manages how we run our pony races. They are sort of like our headmaster! Sometimes we need to tell them information about your, including how you are getting on with pony racing, so that they can make sure we are doing everything properly and providing you with the best training.

Pony Racing organisers and Racecourse staff – this is to allow them to organise the races, let you know where you should be and to ensure that they look after you on race day.

Racecards – we print your name as the jockey and your pony’s name in the Racecard on race day so those taking part and other people watching know who is taking part in the race.

Showcasing your achievements on our website or on our social media pages – if you do really well in a pony race, we will publish your name and the name of your pony on our website and social media pages for others to see. This is so you can show your family and friends how well you’re doing and others can learn more about the races we run! If you would prefer not to have your name on our website, please let us know before taking part.

How long do we keep your personal information?

We only keep your personal information for as long as we need it for the purpose set out in the table above, or where we have to because of the law.

We keep your data for 20 years or until your 30th birthday – whichever comes first.  We need to keep your personal information as it is linked to the ponies that you have raced, which is important to see what the ponies have done.

Secondly we keep your personal information so that we can help with any enquiries in the future regarding your taking part in pony racing. This may come from the Racing Schools or the British Horseracing Authority regarding qualifications for races if you are riding as a jockey or applying for courses.

We have a list of how long we keep all information and what we do with it (delete or safely store it) when its time is up! We keep it very safe on our systems, just like you would expect us too.

Your rights

The law gives you lots of rights about your personal information. You have all the same rights as adults!

You have 12 rights, which are set out in our main privacy policy here [LINK] or on the following website: link. These might be a bit tricky to understand so make sure you ask a parent or guardian if you’re not sure about what they mean.

Contact us

If you are 13 or older and have any questions about this document, you can contact us by emailing us at or writing us a letter at Lower Postons House, Cold Weston, Craven Arms, Shropshire, SY7 9FE.  If you are under 13, you should ask your parent or guardian to help you and contact us for you.

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy was last dated in November 2021. We keep it up to date which means sometimes we need to make changes. When we do, we will post the details of any changes on this page. We may also contact you or your parent / guardian to let you know about the changes.