Summary of the 2020 Point-to-Point Pony Racing Season

• 69 (69) Hunts / Clubs applied to stage Pony Racing at their 2020 PtP Fixture this season but only 11 (67) PtP Pony Racing Fixtures took place. 5 (2) Fixtures were lost to waterlogging and 1 Fixture was lost to a situation that arose on the day of the meeting prior to racing starting.

• The Heythrop Hunt had the most entries with 30 followed closely by the Duke of Beaufort (29), the Duke of Buccleuch (28 (new for 2020)) and the Dart Vale & Haldon Harriers (27).

• The races with the most runners were the Duke of Buccleuch and the Duke of Beaufort who both had 27 Runners each at their fixtures.

• 3 Novice Rider races were run out of the 24 that were due to run. They were extremely well supported and resulted in a total of 25 runners.

• New for 2020 was the Intermediate race of which only 1 of the 5 due to run took place but had 8 entries resulting in 7 runners.

• 110 children took part in a race at one of the 11 fixtures which ran from the 26th January through to the 15th March.



The Point-to-Point Pony Racing Committee’s Annual Meeting was held on 24th April. Areas were represented by the following:
North – Lesley Walby
North West – Ruth Hurley
Midlands – Anna Saunders
Welsh Borders – Pauline Duggan
East Anglia – Gill Duffield South Midlands – Shona Supple]
West Midlands – Emma Davies
West Wales – Sophie Toy
South Wales – Beth Williams Wessex – George & Debbie Beilby
Devon & Cornwall – Kelvin Heard
Sandhurst – Christina Dunlop
South East – Helen Sarchet

2020’s Leading 138cm Rider Harry Vigors
2020’s Leading 148cm Rider Sholto Lacey