The 2019 PRA Awards

What a magnificent year to reflect on! Sunday 1st December 2019 saw members of the PRA join together, starting with a tour of the beautiful and historic Rhonehurst Stables in Lambourn– home to trainer Oliver Sherwood. With Oliver making an appearance on Nick Luck’s Racing TV show that morning, Tarnya and Assistant Andy were in charge at home. Photographs were taken by the stable once occupied by the famous Many Clouds and there was an insightful demonstration with one of the stable stars swimming in the equine pool. It was then on to Newbury Racecourse for the Awards and a delicious lunch in the Owners Club which had been quickly turned around after a busy day before.

We were delighted to be joined also by Kate Hills of RaceTech and Zoe Elliott of CareersinRacing who kindly assisted Chairman Edward Gillespie in handing out the prizes. Read on for full details of all the winners. We were also honoured to be joined by Anne Watts, winner of the 2019 Services to Pony Racing Awards.

2019 PRA Awards Winners

The Charles Owen Racecourse Series Finals Winners
run at Cheltenham Racecourse on 17th November 2019.
138cm winner – Harry Davies riding Little Anne
148cm winner – Edward Vaughan riding White Water

The Charles Owen Racecourse Series Conditions’ Final Winners
run at York Racecourse on 8th September 2019.
138cm winner – Zak Kent riding Galway Girl
148cm winner – Ollie Proctor riding Steal My Girl

The One of a Kind PRA Award for Fifty and Counting
Presented to Push The Button. Winner of 50 PRA Charles Owen Racecourse Series Races in her career so far. Thomas Bradburne, current jockey, kindly accepted her winning rug on her behalf.

The RaceTech Racecourse Series Leading Riders Awards
138cm winner – Taylor Fisher
148cm winner – Edward Vaughan

The Rose Bengal Scholarship Awards
from nominations from Stewards and Coaches for rider/s who show the most improvement on and off their pony
138cm runner up – Taylor Fisher
138cm winner – Thomas Bradburne
148cm runners up – Lucy Aspell, Will Featherstone and Henry Main
148cm winner – Elliot England

Best Turned Out
for the rider/pony with the greatest number of BTO prizes throughout the season
138cm winner – Joe Leavy
148cm winner – Molly Burton

The Chiumbo Endeavour Award
in memory of a fantastic racing pony now retired who gave everything and taught lots of children about pony racing. Awarded to a jockey who has shown great commitment throughout the season both on and off their pony.
Joint winners – Daniel Ellis and Will Featherstone

Most Widely Travelled
the riders who rode in the most Racecourse Series Races over the season
138cm winner – Taylor Fisher
148cm winner– Molly Burton

CareersinRacing Video Competition
for the best video concerning Pony Racing
Runners up – Jack Dace and Lucas Murphy
Winners – Richard Cook and Daisy Dace

The RaceTech Point-to-Point Leading Riders Awards
138cm winner – Jack Dace
148cm winner – Ashley Lewis

Most Stand out rider of the Point-to-Point Pony Racing Season, for Conduct On and Off the Track – Edward Vaughan

The George Crawford Trust Bursary – created by George’s loving parents Cameron and Mary. George pony raced for a number The George Crawford Legacy Trust was set up in memory of George Crawford who died following a road accident at the tragically young age of 20. The George Crawford Bursary is awarded to a maximum of 2 pony racing children for them to buy equipment and pay for training towards their pony racing. The nominations were made through the Point-to-Point pony racing committee, Pony Club Race Day organisers and PRA stewards and BHA Jockey Coaches with the PRA Executive making the final decision.
The inaugural George Crawford Trust Bursary Award for Pony Racing was gifted to Charlie Clarke.

Services to Pony Racing
Anne Watts – presented by Richard Prince and Edward Gillespie

Garthorpe host to 2016 point-to-point pony racing Championship Finals

Forty jockeys and their ponies arrived at Garthorpe Racecourse on 4 June 2016 to take part in a Championship fixture boasting six point-to-point pony finals races, the culmination of this year’s season and a fantastic achievement for all riders.

Hosted by the Meynell & South Staffordshire Hunt, the Championship finals were sponsored by broadcast services company RaceTech Media Ltd, which has provided major sponsorship for point-to-point pony racing across all 79 fixtures this year.  There were opportunities also for novice riders to compete in two height categories of finals thanks to sponsorship from Treehouse Sporting Colours, which supported a 14-race novice riders race series in 2016.

Lucy Tucker, director of the PRA, said: “Well done to everyone who supported the 2016 point-to-point pony racing championships – a great day made truly fun by everyone coming along and joining in. ”

Open Championship Final winners were Camilla Broster on Fair N Square (138cm & under) and Alfie Godfrey riding Calypso (148cm & under).  In the Conditions Race Final, the 138cm & under race was won by Boris Ball on Willow the Wisp, and the 148cm & under by Toby Ball on Little Wynne.  In the Treehouse Sporting Colours Novice Riders Race Final, Tara Stockwell on Ninfield Millionaire’s Delight took the 138cm & under title, with Sophie Manners on Derwent Dream Dancer winning the 148cm & under category.

Top of the leader boards in the RaceTech Point-to-Point Pony Racing Championships – accumulating points from races throughout the 2016 season – are Molly Landau (117 points, 138cm & under) and Connor Brace (101 points, 148cm & under).

An award ceremony will take place later this year to recognise the achievements and commitment of many of these young jockeys, including bursary and training awards to support their future aspirations in horse racing.

Photo credit:

2016 POINT-TO-POINT PONY RACING CHAMPIONSHIPS at Garthorpe Racecourse Saturday 4 June 2016 by kind permission of the Meynell & South Staffordshire Hunt

138cms & Under Treehouse Sporting Colours Novice Riders Race Final

1. Ninfield Millionaire’s Delight – Tara Stockwell
2. Taffy Lou – Sam Brown
3. Bathleyhills Sunlight – Millie Parrington
4. Mouse – Olivia Tubb
5. Wharley Gamecock – James Turner
6. Zebedee – William Jones
6 ran

148cms & Under Treehouse Sporting Colours Novice Riders Race Final

1. Derwent Dream Dancer – Sophie Manners
2. Gulliver IV – Charlotte Butler
3. Basford April Rose – Angus Villiers
4. Millie Butterfly – Robbie Ashe
5. Haunted Heights – Alec Voikhansky
6. Exquisite Midget – Ellie Vaughan
7. Tweasel Whiskers – Rosie Tompkins
8. Count On Me – Molly Roberts
8 ran

138cms & under CONDITIONS Race Final

1. Willow the Wisp – Boris Ball
2. Glin Road – Ger Supple
3. Renaissance III – Henry Main
4. Deehaven Chipmunk – Ivor Herbert
5. Charlie – Ted Featherstone
6. Becca Walk O’The Wildside – Molly Landau
7. Jazz – James Caldwell
8. Balfour Hill Song – Jamie Spencer
9. Coveham Generation – Violet Barton
9 ran

148cms & under CONDITIONS Race Final

1. Little Bull – Toby Wynne
2. The Mumbler – Milo Herbert
3. Little Lucky Lass – Tess Murphy
4. Prince of Thieves – Rose Curtis
5. Rubyroo – Roy Day
6. Quarter Inch – Luke Scott
F All Of My Dreams – Amy Furneaux
F Sextant – Tristan Durrell
8 ran

138cms & under OPEN Championship Final

1. Fair N Square – Camilla Broster
2. Nook Class Act – Minty Bloss
3. Little Anne – Charlie Todd
4. Ninfield Millionaire’s Splendour – Elliot Stockwell
5. Gazza Cruiser – Poppy Scott
5 ran

148cms & under OPEN Championship Final

1. Calypso – Alfie Godfrey
2. Judge Fox – Archie Frank
3. Bongo Bay – Owen Lewis
4. Tiny Dancer – Paddy Barlow
5. Pick Pocket – Nia Kerslake
6. Doppio Movimento – Nick Barratt Atkin
6 ran



MOLLY LANDAU with 117 points


2nd place – DANIEL ELLIS with 99 points
3rd place – CAMILLA BROSTER with 92 points


CONNOR BRACE with 101 points

2nd place – TAMBY WELCH with 79 points
3rd place – COSMO BALL with 78 points

Those who scored 20 points or more during the season competing in 138cms races are:

Charlie Todd – 86
Minty Bloss – 79
Will Featherstone – 59
Benjamin Bromley – 58
Freddie Gingell – 57
Fergus Gillard – 54
Boris Ball – 53
Olive Nicholls – 51
Alfie Godfrey, Poppy Scott – 49
Ger Supple – 48
Benoit de la Sayette, Tyler Heard – 46
Megan Bevan – 43
Elliot Stockwell – 42
Zara Brooks – 41
Owen Lewis, Kelsie Beilby – 40
Chad Bament – 35
Sarah Evans – 34
Elena Nikou, Joshua Brown – 32
Emma Buckle – 31
Lily Llewellyn – 27
Emma d’Angibau – 25
Jamie Spencer, Ted Featherstone – 24
Ivor Herbert, William Bevan – 22
Anna Bailey, Elliot England, Sophie Smith, Tara Stockwell – 20

Those who scored 20 points or more during the season competing in 148cms races are:

Ben Godfrey – 69
Albi Tufnell – 67
Archie Frank – 61
Joe Bradnam – 58
Alfie Godfrey – 57
Fergus Gillard – 55
William Humphrey – 54
Nick Barratt-Atkin – 53
Angus Villers, Tyler Heard – 52
Charlie Sprake, Paddy Barlow – 42
James Armstrong – 37
Benoit de la Sayette, Jack Tudor – 35
Ella McCain, Roy Day – 32
Nia Kerslake – 30
Harry Myddleton, Violet Barton, William Curtis – 29
Alana Taylor, Becky Wilkins, Owen Lewis – 28
Hamish Clarke – 26
Luca Morgan, Taylor Fisher – 25
Arron Butterfield, Brad Kent, Bruce Young – 24
Alicia Kemppainen, Robbie Ashe – 23
Charlie Todd, Charlotte Butler, George Daly – 22
Harvey Carrington – 21
Ellie Vaughan, Milo Herbert, Noah Brazg Carrell, Oakley Brown,
Sophie Manners, Toby Wynne – 20