Training Days

We offer two categories of Training Days, allowing for progression.

Training Days are an opportunity to bring along a pony and try pony racing, learn about the balance and fitness required, how to position yourself in a race, line up at the start, hold your reins and have a brilliant time.  They are also an opportunity for each pony and jockey combination attending to qualify for the coming pony racing season. You do not need to be a member of the PRA to attend a Training Day. They are open to all.

Ponies above the age of 20 may attend days for children to try pony racing but please remember that they will not be able to take part in any pony race.
Ponies/Horses above 148cm may also attend with permission but, as with ponies who are over age, they will not be allowed to race. All ponies attending must be vaccinated for Equine Influenza – please see the details of the day you wish to attend for specifics.

Children must be aged 9 to pony race but we are happy for children to qualify from the age of 8 if they will be turning 9 during the next season of Point-to-Point Pony Racing between January and May .  If you have younger children wishing to attend, please get in touch as it may be possible for them to attend the day on foot or for us to run a taster day in your area for them and other children.

Below you can see a description of the different types of Training Day on offer.

PRA/PC Training & Qualification Days

These are a joint training initiative run by the Pony Racing Authority and the Pony Club.  The majority of Training Days are PRA/PC ones and you can see this in their given title. Children DO NOT need to be a member of either the Pony Club or the PRA to attend.

Experienced Pony Club Instructors teach alongside BHA accredited Jockey Coaches and provide the best possible introduction to pony racing. These days not only allow children to ride their own pony in a controlled environment and on the gallops but also provide an insight into balance and control in a forward seat with the simple use of wobble boards, space hoppers and stepping stones, running alongside the use of traditional racing equipment such as an equicisor.

In addition to riding tuition, the training programme includes advice on rider and pony fitness and nutrition, tack guidance and race day procedures and etiquette. These days can qualify the combination of the Pony and Rider to compete in a Pony Club or Point to Point Pony Race.  Book your place here on the PRA website.

Dates and locations for Training are listed below.  If you can not see a day coming up close to you, please email . We aim to run a Training Day in each Point-to-Point Pony Racing Area around Great Britain.

PRA Advanced Training & Qualification Day

This is a second stage training day for those who have 2 or more years pony racing experience. These days focus on the riders’ race riding techniques, fitness and body conditioning. Successful completion of the above training day qualifies the rider/pony combination to take part in a Racecourse Series Pony Race (if the rider has completed three Point to Point Races) or a Point-to-Point pony race.

These are run by the PRA and delivered by a Jockey Coach. The groups are much smaller and therefore the focus is on the individual. We also use video analysis of the rider’s races in order to help them with their technique.  Book via the PRA website.

British Racing School , Northern Racing School Training & Scottish Racing Academy Training

Both the British Racing School (Newmarket) and the National Horseracing College (Doncaster) run pony racing training courses and residential camps. Their courses start with the very basics at Level 1 moving on to Level 3.

Level 1 & 2 are designed for beginners with no formal qualification being given for attending. However they are there to provide an introduction and insight into the world of pony racing and if having attended one of these the individual’s appetite has been wet, you can attend a Level 3 course, which if completed successfully permits a combination to enter and run in a Point-to-Point Pony race.

New for the 2023 season, the SRA will also be offering Pony Racing Training Qualifications. These will be listed on our Training Day fixtures list.

Please book all BRS, NHC and SRA training directly with the organisation.

Watch the video below to see some of the action on a PRA/PC Training Day….


TRAINING DAYS FOR CHILDREN RACING IN 2024…in addition to the above dates, we are working on dates for Training Days in the following areas:

  • North – Borders and Fife/Perthshire in Spring 2024
  • Yorkshire – TBC in Spring 2024
  • Midlands – TBC in Spring 2024
  • Wessex – TBC in Spring 2024
  • East Anglia – TBC

This list is not exclusive. Please keep an eye on the PRA Newsletter for new dates.  Any training after 1st July 2023 can be used to qualify to race in races in 2023 or 2024.  Children and Ponies can also qualify via 4 PC Rallies (1 to include jumping) or 4 days Hunting.  These are to be signed off by your DC or Hunt Master.

Please email us here if you need to qualify or have any questions about qualifying. 

Some jockeys may wish to have additional training with a Jockey Coach. For further information on BHA Qualified Jockey Coaches click here.

Training Day Costs and Cancellation Fees:

  • Entry fee for the day per rider/pony combination – £40.
  • Entry fee if attending on foot only – £20 (Please arrange by email to – subject to availability).
  • Rider/pony combination withdrawn before the entries close (2 weeks before) –  £2.50 admin fee retained, £37.50 refunded.
  • Rider/pony combination withdrawn after entries close (2 weeks before)  WITH a Vet Cert or Doctors Note – £10 admin fee retained, £30 refunded  OR option to offer a place on foot for the attendee if they aren’t the one ‘off games’ at £20 with £20 being refunded. Please note this will not allow the combination to qualify to race next season as all training must be on the pony the child wishes to race.
  • Rider/pony combination withdrawn after entries close (2 weeks before) WITHOUT a vet cert or doctors note or no show on day – no refund.
  • Day postponed and rider/pony combination unable to attend the new date or day cancelled –  free transfer to a different Training Day OR  £2.50 admin fee retained, £37.50 refunded. Replies must be made within the specified time frame. 

If you have entered the wrong day in error, please contact us within 48 hours and we can refund the entry minus a £1 processing fee for you to re-enter the correct day.

Any questions?  Please get in touch with Verity: