What will I need?

You don't need a lot of specialist equipment to pony race. You need one or two things in addition to what you already ride in for safety.

Riders will need the following

  • Body Protector
  • Jodphur boots/Riding boots (with safety irons only)
  • Race boots with racing irons only
  • Pony Club (purple) Medical armband & completed insert
  • Skull cap to correct minimum standard

Ponies will need the following


  • Saddle – GP/Jumping saddles are acceptable. Racing Saddles are not compulsory but if used must be a min 16”, min 3lbs including leathers, correct irons, overgirth and girth.
  • Breastplates or Breastgirths must be fitted with racing saddles
    Please ask one of the Instructors on the day for advice on any saddle fitting issues.

Order of Saddling if Number Cloth is used:

  1. Numnah/saddle cloth or Anti-slip
  2. Number Cloth
  3. Saddle.
  • Overgirth – correctly fitted with buckle underneath. Must be secured in the girth area to avoid it slipping back
  • Any bit (no hackamore) but must be safe and well fitted
  • Neck strap and/or running/standing martingale
  • Irish martingale + Neck Strap or running/standing martingale
  • Reins must be buckle or loop (no billets). Ensure reins are not too long in length or knot the ends.
  • Safety irons must be used with jodhpur boots/riding boots
  • Racing irons must only be used with race boots
  • Passport for pony and JMB certificate if applicable.

None of the items in the following table are allowed:

    Ear Plugs
    Eye covers
    Nasal Strips
    Nickel Bits/Irons
    Sheepskins Cheek Pieces Spurs
    Tongue Ties
    Split Reins
    Ernest Dillon Reins
    Elastic Neck Breastgirth
    Market Harboroughs and Running, Draw or Check Reins
    Seat Savers