PRA Academies

The PRA Academies are a Youth Training Scheme for children who do not own their own ponies and are are unable to participate in pony racing due to financial or circumstantial reasons.

The courses take place across the country and are fully funded, including the hire of ponies and equipment, but each rider will need to provide their own safety equipment including a riding helmet, body protector and riding boots.

You need to:

  • Be aged between 11 and 14 years old
  • Have a basic standard of riding and be able to canter in a riding school
  • Really want to have a go at pony racing
  • Show commitment to the course

In 3 years nearly 40 children have completed the scheme and over the next 2 years we expect to see another 30 children go through. 3 of our Academy Graduates are riding as licensed jockeys ‘under rules’ in the UK.

The schemes are currently being run near in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, London, Cheshire and Sussex further Academies opening across the UK including Lincolnshire. We also work closely with the Northern Horseracing College in Doncaster and the British Racing School in Newmarket.

All those who have completed the 12 PRA Academy sessions have taken part in a pony race at the end of it.

“The race at Cheltenham was one of the best days ever.I have always wanted to be a  jockey and it came true. I was so excited for the race and very grateful it happened. Not everyone gets that opportunity.”

“This will be a day I’ll never forget, if it wasn’t for this scheme I would never have got the opportunity. Its something I will always be grateful for. The course has not only helped me but my family too as they have no clue when it comes to horses!”

One rider who started the scheme in 2014 took part in our Racecourse Series Final at Cheltenham in 2019.  With grit and determination you can achieve your dreams!

Email the PRA to find your nearest scheme or for an application form: