Racecourse Series Novice Races

The aim of the Novice’ Series is to encourage children to make the step up from Point-to-Point pony racing and into the Charles Owen Racecourse Series.

New for 2020 and a change from our previous Conditions Series, the novice series is for all individual children or ponies who have not been placed (1st – 4th) in any Racecourse Series Final in the previous 2 years (2018 and 2019). The aim of the Series is to allow novice combinations to start competing in the Racecourse Series. The races are run as any other Racecourse Series pony race and points won count towards both the Novice Finals and the Racecourse Series Final. Points for Novice Races will be awarded as follows:

6 points for a win,
4 points for second,
2 points for third,
1 point for fourth.

All winners of novice races will carry a 3lbs penalty for each win in the Novice Series.

The first 2 placed combinations in each Novice race will automatically qualify for the Novice Finals. The next combinations with the most points will qualify for places until all places are filled.

Any combination winning more than 2 Novice races is no longer eligible to enter further races in the Novice Series, except the Novice Final, in that season.

The Novice races will this season be for ponies measuring 148 cm and under and 146 cm and under. 146 cm ponies will carry a minimum of 8st 10lbs and 138 cm ponies will carry 7st 10lbs. Penalties will be carried in the Novice Finals.

All those riding in Novice Races gain points for the prestigious Racecourse Series Finals at the end of the season.