2022 Membership and Registering your Pony

A few reminders...

-Please do not try to register ANY pony until you have completed your child/Jockey’s membership
-Please make sure your pony has completed the criteria for qualification BEFORE you try to register it. ie Training Day to be completed, not just booked.  For further details, see the PRA Regulations
-Qualifications MAY NOT be carried over from last season.
-Pony Registrations must be made by noon on Friday for approval. An email is sent to your inbox when the Chief PRA Steward approves the pony’s registration.  If approved, you will be able to enter races closing that Sunday. Register early to avoid disappointment. 
-When registering, you will be asked to upload photos of your pony’s passport. Please have this on hand and check the size of the photo’s you are uploading.
-Be aware that Annual JMB Measurements expired on the 31st December. You will need to remeasure your pony now for a valid 2022 season JMB number and you should book this directly with the JMB.
-If you wish to add a second pony for your Jockey to ride this season, please go to the pony’s registration page on your account and add the child/Jockey there. The same goes for adding a second Jockey to ride the same pony as another Jockey. 
On both occasions, please inform the Chief PRA Steward immediately by email (caroline@ponyracingauthority.co.uk) so they can check the qualification and pony details, and approve the addition.
-If you are registering a pony which is already on the PRA database, please be sure to enter the name correctly and as given on the passport.
(Using the official Passport name and not a stable name applies to all ponies!).
-If you are hoping to enter a race of a weekend you MUST make sure you have registered your pony on the PRA website, uploading all required documents and correct information including contact details for any Master or DC required to approve the qualification no later than 12, midday on the Friday before.  Please do not leave it to the last minute. 

Uploading Passport Pages?

Please don’t try to upload a PDF – it won’t work. Photos of passport pages must be JPEGs or PNGs and the total maximum size for all photos is 4 MB.  The easiest way to register your pony is often via a phone or tablet.  When uploading your passport’s front page, ID pages and Vaccination Records, simply click on the photo before you upload and change the ‘Actual Size’ of the photo to ‘Large Size’.