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2024 Current Rankings

Point-to-Point 138cm

1 Memphis Tacy-tyler 26
2 Hamish Mcgregor 15
3 Daniel Harrison 15
4 Oliver Vigors 10
5 Sophie Fryer 10

Point-to-Point 146cm

Point-to-Point 148cm

1 Poppy Twiston-Davies 20
2 Hamish Mcgregor 17
3 Tara Kane 10
4 Caspar Edwards 10
5 Charlie Nunn 8

Inspiring the next generation of champions

Over 150 riders have graduated from Pony Racing and are now jockeys with many more also working within the horseracing industry.

If you are aged 9-16 then you too can have a go! Whether a first timer or an experienced young jockey the PRA hosts many races around the country for ponies and riders of all abilities and experience so don’t be put off if you have never done it before.

You don’t even need to have to own your own pony to take part.

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